About BitModern

BitModern is a new agile tools company founded in 2016 by former executives and engineers of companies such as Embarcadero and Borland.  BitModern is private, self-funded and led by Wayne Williams, founder and CEO, and James Pitts, founder and CTO.  BitModern’s mission is to provide high productivity cloud-based agile team tools that seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and workflows such as GitHub, Jenkins, and Jira. BitModern’s tools are always cloud-based, highly scalable, and driven by modern web user experiences that seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use.  TestQuality, the first of a series of agile tools from BitModern, is a unique test plan management solution that helps you build and run better tests and test plans.


8921 Northlake Hills Dr
Jonestown, Texas 78645
United States of America