Powering Modern Agile Development

Bitmodern develops cloud based team development tools that seamlessly integrate with the agile tools your team already uses.  Fast. Modern. And seamlessly integrated.

Bitmodern tools are powered by modern agile DNA

Give your agile teams the power of ultra-integrated, cloud-based team tools with a modern web user experience.


Bitmodern’s mission is to provide high productivity cloud-based agile team tools that seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and workflows such as GitHub, Jenkins, and Jira. Your work is always in sync, make a change in GitHub and it’s changed in TestQuality and vice versa. 

Cloud Based

BitModern’s tools are always cloud-based and highly scalable so you can start with teams of any size and scale up to teams of any size. Our modern architecture is powered by Amazon and is globally cached delivering ultra high performance for your team members no matter where they are located.

Modern User Experience

Bitmodern tools are uniquely built to deliver incredible single page user experiences using modern web technologies and frameworks. Forget clunky heavyweight client apps, installs, and updates. Access your workspace from anywhere in the world, and speed through your agile tasks with a high performance UX that is designed to help you get more done, faster.

"If it's not integrated, then it's not agile."

– Wayne Williams, Founder & CEO